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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the contest? What forms of payment do you accept?
You don't need to pay anything to participate in any of the the contests, they are completely free.

How do I register?
Just click on the 'REGISTER' link displayed at the top of the page, fill in the registration form, selecting a username and password for your contest account, and submit your information. Make sure that your information is correct before submitting it. This will register you for the contest.

What happens if I am an existing customer of DPT Sports Group (JazzSports, ABCIslands)?
DPT Sports Group Players may submit their account codes to be eligible for 'Special Customer Prizes' by our sponsors on most of the contests. The list of special prizes can be seen in the 'Prizes' section of each contest.

I am unable to complete the user information. What should I do?
Make sure that you have filled all required fields. Also make sure your Email address is valid, active and is spelled correctly (including the @ symbol and ending in .com, .net, etc). It is possible that your chosen username is already in use by another registrant. Try using a different username for your entry. If your Email appears to be already in use by another registrant you must use a different one to complete your entry.

I never received my signup confirmation Email. Why?
The Email may have been blocked by an Anti-Spam program/service. Check if your entry was accepted by clicking on the 'Login' link displayed on the top menu and using the username and password information you submitted. If you can't login you may have submitted a wrong or inactive Email address. Verify if your Email address is correct and if it can accept incoming Emails before trying to register again.

I don't remember my username or password. What can I do?
If you can't remember your login or password click on the 'Forgot your password?' link that appears in the login page. You must input the Email address you provided during the registration process. You will then receive your account and a new password via Email.

I don't remember my registration Email. How do I get my new password?
Without the registration Email address you cannot receive a new password. Your entry will still be valid and if you win any prizes you will still be contacted.

What happens if I don't have an Email account?
An Email address is required and you can't register without one.

Do I need to download any software to participate in a contest?
No, you don't have to download any software. All you need is an internet browser.

I have registered, but I can't get in to make my pick or picks. Why?
The contest you signed in for may not be open for submissions yet, therefore you won't be able to make your picks. Go to the contest's page, verify the Startin Date and come back at that time to submit your picks.

Can I change my picks once I have submitted them?
No. Once you have submitted your picks on a contest you can't make changes to them. Please make sure to double-check your choices before you submit them. Please do not try to contact us to request to change a pick for any contest. These messages will be ignored.

Can I submit more than one bracket/pick?
In general, no. Unless the contest states otherwise, our contests allow for one bracket/pick per individual, household or IP address. Depending on the contest's rules, additional entries will be ignored and you may get disqualified. Please read each contest's rules carefully before attempting to make more than one submission.

Can I log into my bracket account and make changes?
You can't change personal or contact information, bracket picks or username and password information. You may have the option to change other information, like groups, depending on the contest.

How will I know that my picks were submitted? Can I print them?
Once you have submitted your picks you will receive an Email confirming them. You can either print the Email or log into your account and print your choices.

In The Final Four Contest, how do I select the winner of the Play-In game?
You don't. Both teams appear in the same slot in the bracket form. It doesn't matter who wins the Play-In game, the winner qualifies as your pick.

When are the scores updated?
For NCAA Football games, these graded and scores updated at the end of each round, after the last game has officially ended. For NFL games, they are graded on Tuesday and the ranking is updated every Wednesday afternoon. On all other contests, the rankins are generally updated on Tuesday afternoon.

What is a "group play"?
Group Play is a special feature that allows contestants to track the standings of their friends. To learn more about group play, pick the option in the menu on the Contests in which the option is available.

How do I create or join a group?
To learn how to create or join a group visit the Group Play section on the Contests in which the option is available.

Can I join multiple groups?
No. One account can only be part of one group.

When I created my group, a lot of users appeared in it that are not my friends. What happened?
Your group name is already in use by other contestants. You need to choose a different Group Play Word and change your group. To learn how to change your group visit the Group Play section on the Contests in which the option is available.

I entered the wrong group while registering. Can I change the group?
Yes. To learn how to change your group visit the Group Play section on the Contests in which the option is available.

I can't join Group X. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure you have received the correct Group Play Word from the user that invited you. Group Names are case-sensitive, so make sure you are typing the word correctly.

How can I check my point total, standings or group on the site?
Log into your account by clicking on 'LOGIN' link displayed at the top and submit your username and password. Then you will see your information and the information of your group.

How will I know if I won?
Once the tournament is over players will be graded and prizes awarded. If you are among the winners you will be notified at this time either via Email or phone.

What are the rules for participating in this contest?
To see the complete list of rules visit the 'RULES' section each Contest.

The system says I have X amount of points, but I should have Y. Why is it wrong?
It may be possible that the results of the last game or games were entered incorrectly for grading. If this happens, rest assured it will be corrected shortly. When the results are entered correctly, your bracket score should be correct. If 24 hours after the last update you still consider your score to be wrong, simply Contact Us and we will review it.

If your question was not answered here, or you wish to send us feedback, send us a message here.

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