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College Basketball Madness Group Play

How to play in a group with friends

Group play offers a simple way to track points and standings of friends during the contest. Group play is entirely optional. Though grouping up with friends is very simple it is very important that you read the following instructions.

Creating or Joining a Group

First you must choose a name for your group. This name can be any word or number, or a combination of letters and numbers, but it cannot contain any spaces or special characters (/, <, >, %, #, etc).

When choosing a new group name, make sure you select a unique word to identify your group. Try to evade using popular terms; the less common the word, the better.

After you have chosen your word, contact your friends and give them the Group Name. If you are joining an existing group, make sure you received the correct Group Name from your friends.


Group Play Words are Case-Sensitive. All players must use the exact same word in order to be part of the same group.

If you accidentally chose a Group Name that is already in use, or wish to change the name of your group, refer to the 'Changing to a different Group' section below.

Creating or joining a group is done exactly the same way. There are 2 methods:

  • Method 1

    During signup, you will find a field called 'Group Play Word'. Here you must input the name for your group.

    After you have filled in the signup form including your 'Group Play Word', submit the form. You will be registered as part of that group.

  • Method 2

    After you have registered for the contest, log into your Contest Account.

    Look for the 'Group Name' field. You have the option to enter in or change from a Group, simply by clicking on the 'Edit' option next to the 'Group Name' field and entering your chosen Group Play Word.

Changing to a different Group

If you accidentally entered an existing group, decide to change to another group, or wish to create a new one, you can do it very easily.

Simply log into your Contest Account and click on the 'Edit' option next to your Group Name. Then, just type the word for the group you wish to join or create and click on 'Submit'. The system will confirm the change and you will be part of the new group.

If you are creating a new group, inform your friends of the group's name and have them join by using the methods above.

Notes on Group Play

Remember the following:

• When creating a new Group, make sure the name of the group is unique.

• When joining an existing Group, make sure you have the correct Group Name.

• Group Names are Case-Sensitive, can use ether letters or numbers and can't have spaces or special characters (!, @, #, $, %, ^, etc).

• You can enter or change your Group in your Contest Account.

• There is no limit in the amount of members in a Group.

• You can only be part of one Group at a time.

Where do I see people in my group?

If you joined a group, your group standings will be shown below your bracket.

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