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How to Play the College Basketball Madness Bracket Contest

It's simple, quick and easy. No purchase or fee is necessary.


First you need to register. Just click on the REGISTRATION link displayed at the top of the page to enter our registration form. Then you must select a username and password for your account and fill in your full name, address and location, zip, phone number(s), birth date and a valid Email address. Jazz & ABC Players must submit their account code to be eligible for the 'Special Customer Prizes'. Clicking on the SUBMIT button completes the registration process.

* Registration will open on March 12th, 2013.

* Personal and private information will not be shared with third parties, nor will we contact you for reasons outside of this contest. Please read our Privacy Policy Statement for more information.

Playing the Contest

Once registered you will be allowed to play by clicking on the BRACKET FORM link on the top of the page and providing your username and password.

Make your picks by selecting the winning teams of every game up to the final game of the tournament. Teams in the later rounds become available as you select the previous rounds. For example selecting Georgia Tech in the Second Round column will make it available as a choice in the Third Round column and so on. Once all choices have been filled, simply click on the SUBMIT PICKS button below the Bracket Form. A selection for every game is required.

This is an internet contest and all registrations and entries must be submitted via this website and using the correct form at least 30 minutes prior to the first game of the College Basketball Tournament.

*Only one entry per person, household or IP address is allowed. Additional entries by the same individual, household or IP address will disqualify ALL entries from that person or household.

Group Play

Players who so desire can play the contest using a feature called "Group Play", which offers a simple way to track points and standings of your specific group during the contest. Group Play allows you to:

• Compare your picks to those that are in your Group

• Compare the standings of the other members to your own

• See the placement in the contest by Groups

To learn more about how to register in Group Play, Click Here.

Point System

The Perfect Bracket Prize is given to the player who correctly selects the winner of every game of the College Basketball Tournament, including the championship game.

Other prizes are granted based on point totals earned according to the following chart:

• 1st Round = 1 pts

• 2nd Round = 2 pts

• 3rd Round = 4 pts

• 4th Round = 8 pts

• 5th Round = 12 pts

• 6th Round = 16 pts

The system is set up so that you can still come back with a good showing in the later rounds if you do poorly at the beginning. Players will be able to check their point totals by logging into their accounts, as well as checking their standings in the contest. Point totals will be updated after every round has officially ended. Points are non-transferable.

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